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Homebrew and Anaconda: Configuring for Apple M1 and Intel Silicon
Posted 21 months ago by LoveDuckie

This is a quick article that will serve as a brain dump for how I've recently configured my /bin/bash profile for using Homebrew Package Manager with both M1 and Intel…

Perforce: Installing and Configuring on Ubuntu
Posted 22 months ago by LoveDuckie
A small article on how to configure your Ubuntu installation, for installing Helix Core CLI tooling with minimal fuss.
SilverStripe: Generating URL Segments for DataObjects
Posted 22 months ago by LoveDuckie

As documented on the official SilverStripe website, you can render DataObjects as individual pages using controller actions.

CSS: Loading Custom Fonts
Posted 22 months ago by LoveDuckie

There are a number of methods you can adopt for optimizing overall page performance of your website. An area of concern for optimization can often be custom fonts.

ASICS London 10K 2022
Posted 24 months ago by LoveDuckie
This year I am going to be taking part in the ASICS London 10K 2022 for the fourth time in a row to raise money for a charity called SpecialEffect.