ASICS London 10K 2022

ASICS London 10K 2022

ASICS London 10K 2022

ASICS London 10K 2022

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This year I am going to be taking part in the ASICS London 10K 2022 for the fourth time in a row to raise money for a charity called SpecialEffect. SpecialEffect is a charity that specialises in providing services and tailored hardware solutions for people with physical disabilities, so that they can interact with, and enjoy different kinds of digital entertainment such as video games. I strongly believe in their mission for greater accessibility, as I believe that video games in particular should be accessible to everyone.

Speaking from my own experience, I can confidently attest to video games having a profoundly positive impact on my life. They've enabled me bond and socialise with others, to express myself creatively, and to enjoy experiences I wouldn't otherwise have without them. They have also enabled me to make a living for myself - a profession of which I've been extremely grateful for.

As an able-bodied person, playing games or interacting with most forms of digital entertainment has not been a prohibitive experience. Unfortunately the same cannot often be said for those who struggle with physical disabilities. Video games in these instances provide an extremely valuable outlet for those who are otherwise limited in what they can do physically.


This year I am hoping to raise more money than last year, and to beat my personal best completion time of 57 minutes!

Previous Completion Times:

  • London 10K 2018 Completion Time: 0:57:12
  • London 10K 2019 Completion Time: 1:00:00
  • London 10K 2021 Completion Time: 1:00:50

JustGiving Pages:

Find below some links to previous fundraising pages made with JustGiving.

The event this year takes place on 10th July and the race start location will likely be somewhere near Piccadilly Circus, just as it has been previously. I've started training again, and I am hoping to bring my weight back down to 75kg and improve my overall stamina!


Find below some bits and pieces of media that I've collected over the past few years.

A collection of action shots from the previous three events that I attended.

A collection of action shots from the previous three London 10K events that I attended.

Find below video captured from my attempt in 2019!




Please consider donating any amount that you are comfortable with on my JustGiving page!

Donations can be as small as £1.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.