SilverStripe: Integrating Memcached Caching with Docker
Posted 21 months ago by LoveDuckie

In this blog post, I am going to demonstrate how you can hook up an existing memcached server instance with SilverStripe.

SilverStripe: Generating Google Sitemaps for DataObjects
Posted 21 months ago by LoveDuckie

Lately I've been trying to expose as much as my website as possible through the Google Sitemap that is generated automatically when you navigate to the /sitemap.

CRON Jobs with Alpine Linux and Docker
Posted 21 months ago by LoveDuckie

I recently added some CRON job scripts as part of my Docker container image so that SilverStripe tasks could be executed on a regular basis.

SilverStripe: JSON-LD Structured Data
Posted 22 months ago by LoveDuckie

This website is currently powered by SilverStripe which is an all encompassing Content Management System (CMS) and framework for building web applications using PHP.

Open-Source Blogging
Posted 23 months ago by LoveDuckie

Over the past couple of months I have been steadily writing new content for this blog with a text mark-up language called "markdown".